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STEER Your Life Coaching™

An intense five week one on one inner-journey that will help you get intimately familiar with your thoughts and emotions in a manner that allows for curiosity, growth and personal development.

During course you will be empowered to break-free from self-doubt and fear, learning a powerful and bench-mark self-coaching tool that will help you take the driver seat of your life.

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Biz With A Soul

Biz with a Soul is an exclusive and intimate 3 months Elite Business Mastermind, that invites you to a deep introspection to discover and release what is sabotaging your growth and paralyzing your decision making! 

Your business is a true reflection of who you are. It mirrors the stress level, anxiety, fear and worry we carry inside.

Here is when alignment is needed to help you achieve the growth and lifestyle you desired. It invites you to intimately understand your emotions and thoughts and use them as fuel for self-empowerment to fuel your life vision.

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Feed Your Soul Journeys

You will embark on a transformational journey of self-discovery with an exclusive, intimate group of like-minded women to uncover your full potential and spirituality aligned mind, body, soul and spirit

The mountains will be the witness of your unwavering transformation of ultimate self- love

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I guide you to break free from limiting beliefs so you can exponentially grow your business in complete alignment with mind, body, soul and spirit!  .

"When we embrace our truth with self-love and kindness, our hesitation is turned into resolved, and an aimless journey into a purposeful aim" - Dayanna Valenciano 

Are you are ready to uniquely transform your life TODAY?
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What does your fear and self-sabotage is costing you?

Are you ready to get unstuck and awaken to an empowered and confident new you and join the women that have already found and owned their life's purpose?

Here are some of my client testimonials...

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What will change in your life if you breakup with self-doubt and step into your power?

Not sure where to begin your inner journey? Let's have a complementary 45 minute call to identify limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from creating the live YOU desire! My promise is to deliver value and an insight or tool that can help you start your inner-journey. If you came this far is because you are ready See you soon! Dayanna XOXO


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