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AWAKEN The Goddess Within

Six Months One on One Virtual Program

Welcome to Awaken

The path to our light is to go within, with an enhance self-awareness that gives us the clarity to align with our life vision with confidence knowing who are deep within our soul.

How do we start? Once we acknowledge our thought pattern, we have the ability to learn the HOW to CHOOSE, STEER and FEEL empowering thoughts. It gives you the confidence to shift any area of your life.

AWAKEN is the element needed for our path for self-discovery. An acronym that stands for Awareness, Wisdom, Alignment, Kindness, Empathy needed to Nurture ourselves back to wholeness.

A Six Step Program to find your way back to your essence.

  • 1 hour weekly virtual One on One sessions
  • Email access to Dayanna. Responses will be given within 24 hours
  • One Energy Healing Session per month. Booked through Calendly
  • Personal Assessment 
  • Includes STEER Your Life program. If already taken, refresh workshop and emotional intelligence mastermind.
  • $4,900.
    • $1000 Down Payment
    • Monthly Payment Plan Available
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I will guide you to Lift the veil blocking you and release the Goddess within. Allowing her to experience the clarity that leads to true freedom. If your feel: 

There is something missing in your life but don't know what it is. 

If you are always doubting yourself, and feeling a sense of unworthiness.

Or I feel scattered and without direction

Then AWAKEN is the path back to Oneness 

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Once you gain the clarity through an enhance self-awareness, Alignment comes naturally as you learn to create your inner-peace, in alignment with your life purpose and mission. 

Once you know your truth and North Star, it becomes easier to follow your heart's desires and heal aimlessness and self-sabotaging. 

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Energy Healing

Enhance your inner calm with supportive energy healing. Learn how to call it at will in moments of anxiety and fear.

We will have Energy Healing sessions to identify blocks and areas that need to be released. These can be done virtually or in person if you are local.

You may also book additional sessions by logging to my calendar.

I Am Ready to Begin My Journey!

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