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STEER Your Life Coaching™ and Break Through Blocks One One Coaching

  • STEER Your Life Coaching™
  • 5 week workshop
  • Zoom Call Once a Week
  • Get intimately familiar with your thoughts and emotions in a manner that allows for curiosity and growth
  • Personal development that empowers you to truly #BeTheDriver of your life and success. 

What People Are Saying:

“Since our Steer, I feel I am being so much kinder to myself. The Self-awareness is on hyper alert. The judgments come and I just let them pass-I remember compassion and it just melts away. And I don’t judge that either. It’s not about perfection anymore, just progress! Thank you!!”

Christy Risco

“I want to thank you for the “STEER Your Life” Session we had together. I really didn’t know what to expect, however Dayanna is very skilled at what she does! The STEER was very relaxing, and Dayanna very quickly got to the root of some things that have impacted me deeply for most of my life. These things have likely stalled my life progress and relationships in many ways. Dayanna was able to help me by quickly identifying the area that needed attention and then helping me to re-frame my thoughts relative to this area of my life, giving me a deep rooted way to totally flip and relieve this longstanding hurt and pain. Since the STEER, I have continued to heal in many other ways. What I noticed is that when you make one deep change, a ripple occurs in your life. Thank you, Dayanna for thinking of me, and providing me with this amazing life changing experience, because healing the hurt feels amazing and frees you to live the life that’s waiting for you! Love, Susan Restad”

Susan Restad