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I want to thank you for the “STEER Your Life” Session we had together. I really didn’t know what to expect, however Dayanna is very skilled at what she does! The STEER was very relaxing, and Dayanna very quickly got to the root of some things that have impacted me deeply for most of my life. These things have likely stalled my life progress and relationships in many ways. Dayanna was able to help me by quickly identifying the area that needed attention and then helping me to re-frame my thoughts relative to this area of my life, giving me a deep rooted way to totally flip and relieve this longstanding hurt and pain. Since the STEER, I have continued to heal in many other ways. What I noticed is that when you make one deep change, a ripple occurs in your life. Thank you, Dayanna for thinking of me, and providing me with this amazing life changing experience, because healing the hurt feels amazing and frees you to live the life that’s waiting for you! Love, Susan Restad

Christy Risco

Mom, Real Estate Investor & Speaker
Since our Steer, I feel I am being so much kinder to myself.
The Self-awareness is on hyper alert. The judgments come and I just let them pass-I remember compassion and it just melts away. And I don’t judge that either.
It’s not about perfection anymore, just progress!
Thank you!!

"Words cannot express how this phenomenal woman has impacted my life in such a positive way. Dayanna has helped me in such a short amount of time and I've learned so much about myself in the past months than I had prepared for or even experienced with other programs I have taken. I have always known I deserve better for myself but out of fear I got stuck and before I knew it, I wasn’t moving in any direction and I was just existing, going through the motions. In the months working with Dayanna it has taught me to STEER my life and confront the rawness of me. Looking at myself, I have dug deeper within and brought forward what I had been holding down for so long because of my own insecurities and fears. She has guided me through a road of self-AWAKENING and I haven’t looked back since. I have realized my worth, my boundaries, how to face my fears, I am stronger, empowered with an enhanced strong confidence. Lissette Garrido "

Entrepreneur & Massage Therapist

"Let me first take the time to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me STEER my thoughts in the direction of adding value. I am reminded that Execution is generated by my emotions.#priceless My biggest take away is understanding how each emotion is connected to a thought, and it is up to me to STEER that thought into a positive direction/action. I also walked away with a reassurance that I truly have the ability to affect change and people are waiting on my message. A situation does not change, it is a FACT therefore I will face the FACT about my future. I work with people that absolutely values my work! Thank you Cleshea Shelly Lowe "

Life Coach

Mariah Corral

Mompreneur, Author & Speaker
Today I am forever Grateful for this woman she has truly transformed my life in ways I can’t put into words, and she continues to guide me spiritually! I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST COACH God could have sent me!
Dayanna Valenciano Luna, I am so blessed to have met you, so blessed to be coached by you, thank you for helping me STEER my life and I can’t wait for all that is to come in the future!

Dena Kelley

Mompreneur and Life Enthusiast
Of course none of this would be possible had it not been for your help with your mentorship in addressing the deep issues within. Thank you for your love and support on this journey.

Angela Garcia

Mompreneur, Author and Speaker

Dayanna could not have come into my life at a better time, I was feeling lost when it came to my business, I was confused and frustrated. Dayanna’s tools transformed my business. It help me discover that my journey has been discovering my worth and owning it. To understand that change began with me and it would have a ripple effect in my business.


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