Aligning our Biz with our Soul Purpose

Biz with a Soul Is an exclusive and intimate three month Elite Mastermind, offered twice a year, In January and September.

It invites you to a deep introspection and self-love to powerfully align your business with your Soul purpose, along with like-minded women

Learn how to trust your heart desires to follow your soul's purpose and give you the clarity and assertiveness to craft, or enhance your business.

Women Committed to Own their Truth and Stand In Their Power

One of the hardest things to do is align our business with our every day life. We treat them as two separate things, when in fact, our business is a reflection of who we are.

When we master our inner-strength, we are less concern with external challenges, helping us set clear goals and giving us the confidence and clarity to be assertive in our decision making.

Why Our Life and Biz Alignment Is Important?

Our business is a true reflection of who we are. It mirrors our stress level, anxiety, fear and worry we carry inside that sabotages our success, and paralyzes us.

Here is when alignment comes in to achieve the growth and lifestyle we desired; inviting you to intimately understand your emotions and thoughts to use them as fuel for your self-empowerment. 

  • Investment is $2995
    • $500 Down Payment
    • Monthly Payment Plan Available


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I've never seen somebody master aligning spiritual growth with business as much as Dayanna. Never knew that was possible until I met this incredible woman and Mentor. Being mentored by Dayanna was truly one of my greatest soul growth experience

Chloe Cordero - France
Entrepreneur, Spiritual Teacher 


Frequently Asked Questions

The groups are 3-5 women in order to create a safe space for everyone to be comfortable and open hearted.

The Mastermind is content driven, however, 100% is personalized to everyone's needs. This is why the groups are small and intimate.

We meet virtually twice a month for the mastermind. And office hours offered once a month to answer questions and discuss the course work.

There are approximately 16 content lessons/discussions and the opportunity to talk to me directly for support through  email and office hours. 

There is also a classroom platform that houses content videos for additional resources. 

"Today I am forever Grateful for this woman she has truly transformed my life in ways I can’t put into words, and she continues to guide me spiritually! I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST COACH God could have sent me! Thank you for helping me STEER my life and I can’t wait for all that is to come in the future! "

Mariah Williams-Corral, USA.
Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker. Co-Founder of Mom Who Rise

"Dayanna’s tools transformed my business. It helped me discover that my journey has been discovering my worth and owning it."

Angela Garcia
Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker. Co-Founder of Mom Who Rise

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