Biz with a Soul

Aligning Our Life Purpose

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Biz with a Soul is an exclusive twelve weeks Group Masterclass offered twice a year. It invites deep introspection to powerfully align your business with your Soul's purpose. 

Our business is a true reflection of who we are; It mirrors our stress level, anxiety, fear, and worry, sabotaging our success and paralyzing us. We treat our business and personal life as two separate things. When, in fact, both are a reflection of who we are.

When we are transparent with our vision and mission, we are less concerned with outward challenges. We become clear with our goals, feeling confident and assertive with our decision making.

Learn how to trust your heart desires to follow your life's mission so that you may attain the clarity and assertiveness to craft or enhance a business aligned with your lifestyle.

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Is Your Business Misaligned with your Lifestyle and Core Values?

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