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I Asked the Universe to Show me the way Back to Self...

Jun 12, 2018
Two years ago today I opened my arms at the doorstep of the Sacré-Cœr Basilica in Paris and asked the Universe to show me the way back to self...
Up until that point I had lived a life visualizing and manifesting what I wanted, despite of having experienced a great deal of losses, breakups and failures throughout my life.
I like to call them lessons though 😌
But on every stepping stone or fall I would always feel something was missing inside of me.
I had lived in my head. Mindset was everything and thought by having a strong mind and willpower I would conquered it all.
In reality mindset is just one piece, a fundamentally important one, nonetheless, one piece of us
Mind, body and soul alignment, what comes to mind when you hear it!?
Do you know how to attain it?
Knowing yourself intimately gives you back your power.
Getting to know and welcoming your thoughts and emotions and recognize where they are rooted is empowering
Knowing when to pause and when to let go.
Learning how to acknowledge when is your ego and judgment speaking and when is your heart and soul
Learning to truly forgive and love passionately.
Recognizing when is your intuition guiding you or your fear...
Mind, body and soul alignment gives you permission to embrace the pain and get curious about it and learn how to release in a healthy way. No shame.
You learn to recognize the different layers of your existence and welcome them all with love, understanding and compassion to live a life of fulfillment and confidence simply because you had the courage to get to know yourself deeply in the most truest and unapologetic way.
If you feel you’re missing that something and don’t know what it is I invite you to explore and get curious about YOU, your thoughts and emotions.
If you ever need a hand or a shoulder, or to speak your truth I am here for you!
I know first hand it is an intense journey back to finding yourself but trust me when I tell you it is the most amazing and rewarding trip you will ever take in your lifetime.
Dayanna Valenciano

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