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I No Longer Have to Hide!

Aug 23, 2018

You have to ground yourself deeply if you want to go high. It’s like a tree: the taller the tree, the deeper the roots. Jordan Bach

I no longer have to hide my spiritual awakening and gifts, and neither do you! 

I’ve always knew I had gifts to see and feel the unseen. To feel the energy around me, but instead, often turned to reasoning instead of following my hyper-sensitive intuition. 

I was confused not knowing how to tell if it was judgement or was in fact a message. When it was my ego or my spiritual guidance. 

I knew and felt that whenever I was mentoring my clients or managing my teams while in corporate I was in spirit and channeling the message, but I didn’t know how to maintain that energy for myself. 
Looking back I ignored and hid my gifts and wouldn’t dare to talk about it unless it was with people that understood and I felt at ease to be me, and even then, I would evade because I knew they would see right through me, just ask my inner circle sisters! 

I see you and you don’t need to go through it alone.
As one of my teachers told me: “We are an ecosystem of teachers and creators that came into this world to serve a greater purpose” and we need more men and women stepping into their their truest self and embracing your identity and your gifts, connecting to higher conscience and sparking inspiration and change.

Grounding yourself deeply so you can have a greater impact to those around you and beyond. Creating a ripple of love, forgiveness and kindness. 

In a world that is on fire, BE the light. 
Be courageous and step into your purpose. You know what it is, right in your gut is the answer. Trust it without second guessing. 
Protect your energy. Ignore negativity and block it.
Be unapologetic with your journey. 
It is YOUR path you are crafting and bringing to life, embrace it with loving thoughts...Be Free To Be!

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