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I Surrendered!

Jun 05, 2019

One day sitting in the living room with my husband, sharing with him my frustration with the business and the thought of giving it all up. "Perhaps this is not for me after all", "Maybe I don't know enough", "Nothing seems to work" trying really hard not to break in front of him!
Attempting to hide my desired to cry and just allow my emotions to flow. I went to my studio and sat in front of my computer and cried. I had zero ideas to make it work.

Then, I heard the door opened and my husband's hand rested on my shoulder, his voice that told me softly "Like you always say, Let go of the "How" and the "When" and just love what you do. Every action do it with love" 
I knew it, I had taught it, but somehow in my desperation I forgot to detach and apply what I preached!
I felt the weight lifting off and that breath of light coming in through my heart.

I surrendered...


Yes, surrendered the anxiety, the stress and the fear to welcome the love for what I do, and why I serve the phenomenal women on this beautiful journey themselves to this empowering inner-peace..

Letting go of the HOW and WHEN are the hardest actions one can take. We always want to be in control of the outcome, when in fact, it is the one thing we are not in control of!

So why worry and stress thinking about "How" we are going to do it, and just simply embrace imperfect action everyday. You'll be surprise how much magic you can create!  And let go of the "When", because when we allow ourselves to be carried away by our passion and purpose all that we need, will fall into place just in time! 

The business thrived and if you ask me today how I did it, I found out how to be in flow when I started listening with my heart, instead of my mind.

Everything aligns the moment we surrendered the worry and fear to trust wholeheartedly in what we love to DO, because we know how we want to FEEL!  :)



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