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Choosing Inner Peace Over Anger

Dec 31, 2019

A few weeks ago an event happened that years back would have gotten a reaction from me, not a positive one though. This time it was met with calmness, and a question that instantly changed the energy, leading to a peaceful and empowering conversation instead.

Choosing not to be part of the drama, blame dynamic or take it personally could be difficult, after all, we are not naturally trained or taught to say to our brain: “Hold on let me process this and allow me to find out where is the root cause, I’ll be back”! Although, we can learn to pause, breath, and choose how to react in a matter of seconds. Keeping our inner peace and speaking our truth in a kind and compassionate way.  

One of the lessons I’ve learned is to be silent and listen with my heart.  As a spiritual guide and highly intuitive empath, my gift of sensing people’s energy, being able to “see” the unseen and hear the unspoken can be annoying if we don’t know how to manage it.  

Before training, lots of practice and meditation it used to scared me and made me very uncomfortable. I did everything within me to snooze it, ignore it and pretend it didn’t exist.

It can be a constant overwhelming chatter that never stops coming from all directions.

Years ago it was hard not to desire to intervene and try to help someone or warned them, but instead often times it would get me in trouble, causing pain or broken relationships.

Now more and more I remain silent, detach myself from their path and become an observer, unless I am asked for guidance. It has been a very difficult road of unlearning specially with love ones.

I immediately acknowledge how I feel, read my energy and know how it feels in my body. Decide to go to a place of calmness and choose silence and pause.

Anger is just like any other emotion that comes from fear. It takes practice, lots of it to be able to identify the root cause, and a whole lot more practice to not be triggered by external events or people.

I am not a fan of boundaries, because it is an illusion to see right from wrong from our own perspective, and that’s separation. However, there are times we need to protect our energy until we align and can breath again to come in contact with the person trying to disrupt our inner peace or is triggering a part of us that still needs healing.

I invite you to pause next time you are angered. Acknowledge the emotion. It is valid. And then choose to pause, breath and walk away if you can, so you give yourself time to FEEL. When you have calm down, question why you were angered without blaming yourself or others.



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