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When We Awaken. The Raw Truth!

Oct 03, 2018
When we awaken to our truth, we realized we are free.
Kristi Bowman
The Raw Truth!
I placed I check mark on all below!
And if you have checked them too I invite you to continue to read how it happened for me...
When I started to awake I felt overwhelmingly desperate and alone.
I remember standing in my kitchen one morning after my workout collapsing on the floor crying for no apparent reason, hyperventilating and sobbing uncontrollably.
I had it all together and a dream life but inside I was a mess.
A handbag brand that was becoming my signature, and everything that society tells you to be to look and be successful!
I was confused 😐 didn’t know where to start but knew it needed to be within myself and needed to happen fast because I felt I didn’t have time!
I had tried it all to inject into the business to make it work! The branding, the marketing, the business strategies! Yada Yada Yada...
That false idea that you should take care of the business and everything will be fine. When YOU are a reflection of your business!!
In personal development I had 26 years in my pocket of training, conferences, workshops, books and thought 💭 I knew it all! Mindset! Heck yes!! I am strong a positive thinking powerhouse!? Absolutely!
The truth is I was in my head all the time! Disconnected from my soul, my spirit, my higher power conditioned to follow what the world wanted me to be.
I did not had clarity or focus and my confidence was on the crumbling. But still outside I portrayed high level of confidence and security. Did I really? Who was I kidding!!
Broadcasting Periscope and FB lives talking about positivity and mindset!! That felt so fake!! My throat was in constant pain and loosing my voice because I was holding on to a mask and it was excruciatingly painful and exhausting to stop me from sharing and shouting to the world THIS ISN'T ME!
What I really wanted was to speak my truth!! To reclaim my identity.
All I wanted was to take off my masks 🎭 and scream on top of my lungs I Am Free to BE ME!
All I wanted was inner-peace but had no clue how to attain it!
I wanted to have clarity so I could make assertive decisions but I was aimless and missed the target all the time!
I wanted true confidence but had lost it all and didn’t know how to find it!
I stayed in my studio for three days and asked my husband to allow me to be.
It was hard and felt the rawest of emotions. I needed to be brave without even knowing how that was supposed to feel. Because let's face it, when it comes to acknowledge our true emotions and thoughts we evade and push them aside.
I cried the ugliest of cries and took a big exhale and surrendered because I knew...I couldn’t do it alone. And then all started coming to me in synchronicity. Each door invited me to heal.
Each step required of me a new level of courage.
You don’t need to hide my lady!
You too can break free from the conditioning and hold yourself in a loving embrace and live the life you desire without pretense, masks, guilt, needing to please or having the feeling you need to choose between you and everyone else!
YES!! it takes a great deal of courage but I know you have it in you!
Feel the hunger to shift your inner world and reclaim your identity, confidence and inner peace. There is one condition its got to be bigger than your excuses or your fear to face everything that holds you back because there will be times you would want to stop and it is in that moment where you need to find your inner-strength to continue uncovering your truth!
Are you ready to shift!? <3

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