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About Me

I am an entrepreneur, writer, handbag designer, spiritual mentor and unshakable optimist.

I am dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. To have the luxury of choice and abundance! <3

Why I am so passionate about YOU?!

My journey as an entrepreneur started while studying in Costa Rica. Although my parents were both from this beautiful country; I was an international student, hence, not allowed to officially work (sigh); and so at nineteen, I found ways to build businesses and have the freedom I loved so much! 

At 22 I found myself married and pregnant with my first beautiful daughter and my new life became a priority; moving to Miami with my small family.

It did not come easily though! By 26 I was divorced, found myself fully submerging in a corporate world I felt I did not belong... moving from job to job trying to shattered the glass ceiling but was laid off five times in the course of my 20 year aviation career !! It was one fall after another!

I did move up the ladder eventually, but it seem as soon I climbed there was an event that force me to start over all again, to prove myself I was worthy!.

I learned quickly there was no crying in aviation! 

I was sick and tired of letting others run my financial stability and decide if I could take a paycheck home. I was mad and frustrated at myself for allowing it to happen time after time!

It was out of that hunger to take the driver seat of my life that drove me in 2012 during my third lay-off  to turned that year into the most profitable and abundant year as an entrepreneur. I embodied my vision.

I reinvented myself, became a handbag designer, opened an online boutique (La Lune Sacs), bought my dream home and traveled with my family for an extended time without having to ask for permission to no one!

I kept the business for eight years until one night during a women's event during a mastermind, my bubble was burst and realized my passion was misaligned with my business.  I was crushed, and I knew I had to put pride aside, let go, and start again!

In September of 2016, I was laid off for the fifth time, it was then, I decided to closed the boutique and start my journey back to finding myself again...

I dug deep into my soul and became vulnerable, true and open to receive all the lessons waiting for me to be discovered and found the confidence, self-love and self-awareness to now live the life I've always dreamt.

I've been married for 18 years now to the most wonderful and supportive husband and have my younger daughter, now 13. 

I am in constant evolution and everyday is a blank page to live out loud and unapologetically.

I found my purpose to serve women like you, who are ready to walk the journey back to self and find the inner-strength and clarity to have unshakable confidence and live a fulfilled life.

Please know that you can give so much more and eradicate from your  life self-doubt and aimlessness, just like I did.
If today you are doubting, confused and feeling a sense of lack of purpose and direction. Stop ‚úč

Take a deep breath and start re-writing your life the way YOU want it on a blank page!

You are creative and have the power to consciously shape and co-create your reality - Rha Goddess

Yes! you’ll need to confront the rawness of you and sometimes it won’t be pretty! But you’ll have an enhance self-awareness that will serve you well in all aspects of your life! I promise!

That's where I come in. I am here to help you, you're not alone!







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