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It Was My Turn to Be in the Hot Seat!

I was in class last week with my professor-doctor-psychologist-genius, who invited me to a 1:1 in front of the class. Although a bit nervous, I accepted. I knew the doctor could read me like a book; there was no way I could hide my body or soul from him.

He would aim to bring to light the cause of my symptom; I was at a crossroads and needed guidance.

It was my turn to be in the hot seat, on the other side of where I usually sit as a coach and therapist —this time, allowing myself to bear it all in front of my peers.

Recently I started experiencing a high blood pressure fluctuation. It peaked at over 200's (systolic) and in the 130s (diastolic).

Crazy roller coaster. Naturally concerning. But while everyone was focused on the symptoms, I wanted to know the cause, not just in my body but beyond.

I've been working with my primary doctor, retaking hypertension medication and changing it repeatedly, trying to find the one that would work, to no avail!

After all, we were addressing the symptoms, not the cause!

I was confused and a bit frustrated because I've been taking care of my health and being mindful of what I eat. Fully responsible, right?

Or so I thought! 💁🏻‍♀️

However, I subconsciously blamed the people around me for not being fully on board with my lifestyle change, which made it the perfect excuse to sabotage myself – the self-accomplice prophecy – when others' actions reinforced our beliefs.

Subconsciously I was saying: "You see, my BP is sh*&^T because you don't do Unani with me!" And so, staying in the paradigm reinforced my belief.

I wanted them to carry me — to hold my load of responsibility!

🔹 I received the attention I was subconsciously seeking

🔹 I reinforced the family belief that hypertension is inherited

🔹 I could blame others for what was happening to me

I was sabotaging myself because my saltwater intake was off; I wasn't really measuring and increasing my carbs intake, but going into details would create confusion as It challenges the nutritional and societal paradigm we live and believe in, so I'll skip this part. 😶

If you're still curious, feel free to dm me, and I can direct you to the information.

What fascinated me and learned is that my relationship with food and yearning for carbs is directly linked to my mother's relationship.

It is ingrained in my family that heart disease is inherited, and with it, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. My dear uncle died at 52 of an aneurysm. The health fear runs deep and relies heavily on meditation. Something I've been breaking away from all of my life.

But to treat the cause, you must be willing to be an adult and stop resisting and giving excuses.

Unconsciously I didn't want to be the responsible adult who took ownership of my health journey. Deep down, I was still the child having a tantrum because her favorite food was taken away, and it was easier to rely on others to tell me what to do about MY health and body.

💡 I was focusing on the lack, and

💡 I wanted someone else to take responsibility for me or with me.

And that's how you and I behave! Until an awareness of self awakens, you STOP blaming the world and throwing tantrums whenever you face change or you need to stretch your comfort zone.

Instead, you become a responsible adult and begin taking ownership of every aspect of your life.

Taking responsibility looks like:

🔸 Not Going to the doctor and asking them what to do with YOUR health!

🔸 Stop Blaming your kids for their struggles and challenges and begin looking at your fears, anger, and sadness that influenced your parenting that drove your kids to feel anxiety, low self-esteem, inadequacies, and lack of self-love

🔸 Stop Blaming your parents, ex-partner, spouse, work, friends, and family for how you feel and behave.

🔸Begin to show up, and stop Hiding behind your Endless excuses— I don't have time, I don't r have money, it's too hard, I don't have support, I am too busy, you don't help/support me…

🔸 Stop using Spiritual or religious bypassing to deflect facing what is behind your fear, anger, sadness, resentment, hate, unhappiness, and judgment you have within

🔸Begin looking deeper into Your Relationship with lack around food, money, and health.

And many more in your attempt to dodge responsibility to ignore, pretend, numb, and use every coping mechanism in the book not to be the adult.

Everyone does it, especially when faced with our blind spot. And trust me, everyone has one!

But for change to happen, we must be willing to commit, dive deep within ourselves, and walk 🅘🅝 our story.

And our health issues tell a story. It is our body speaking — or screaming🗣️— letting us know the emotions, secrets, and family dynamics we haven't dealt with. That is when bravery comes in; if you choose to be responsible, you can free your soul to find peace, joy, and health!

That's what an inward journey is all about!

The congruency and alignment of mind, body, and soul to rediscover your essence 🌀

How are you sabotaging yourself?

Do you know what your blind spot is?

If you got here and are brave and wholeheartedly committed to finding out and ready for an inward journey, share a heart, you are the only one who can shift your reality. ⭕️ ♥️🔥👇

I can guide you. You won't be alone!

Be Brave!


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