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Soul Alignment Group Coaching

The Alchemy Activation
White Sand and Stone

The Journey is

An exclusive group coaching that invites deep introspection, activating the release of your fear-based story, enhancing your self-awareness, and giving you the clarity to align with your Soul's purpose and connect to your wholeness 

Identifying your karmic contracts, limiting beliefs, and family dynamics blocking your healing. Empowering you to recognize what has held you back and make conscious choices to break through the veils that cover the extraordinary being within you.​

It helps you attune with your body in perfect synchronicity...

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Unleashing the power within to heal and align your mind, body, soul, and spirit


I am still in awe of everything I experienced. It was amazing and just unexplainable

- Marcia Valasquez

We're a good fit if...
  • You feel overwhelmed with decision-making

  • You are unclear about their vision or mission

  • You don’t have the tools to support the growth you’re after

  • You have it all but feel a void deep within your soul.

  • You are successful by society's expectations, but your inner-knowing says your innate gifts are screaming to be embraced. 

  • You have been the people pleaser, the caretaker, the yes person, forgetting to embody and effectively communicate what you genuinely want to say or do in your life

  • You have lost your self-love and self-worth in the process.

  • You wish you had a community of people who “get it” to support you

  • You are tired of feeling "stuck" and are ready for change.

Young disappointed woman feeling headache from deadline surrounded by colleagues at workpl
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Dayanna's guidance has helped me overcome some of the most difficult moments of my life. She has helped me again believe in myself, regain my strength and courage, and most importantly, reclaim my power.

Patricia Rodriguez

What Does It Include?

An Intimate group of women supporting each other through this intense inward journey.


  • Weekly 90 minutes Virtual Group Meetings

  • One Distance Group Reiki Healing Session

  • One 1:1 45 minutes clarity call to reveal what is blocking your limitless potential & activate your infinite magic

  • Release your Fear-Based Story by recognizing your Energy Blocks

  • Learn how to show up with authenticity by Identifying the original wound

  • Unleash your creativity to co-create your dream life and transcend by having a deepen understanding of your core energy

Embrace Your Life Story. It is Your Magic Power!

The Journey begins February 16th 25th, 2023
Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on

Become Formless and Limitless Like Water

Why I do What I do?

I help moms and daughters embody their essence so they can honor each other's journey, learn to self-love by befriending their emotions, and heal by releasing generational patterns so they can have the freedom to rewrite their own stories.

Your children, through all their ages and life stages, are your mirrors who show you the beliefs that have held YOU back through the years. 
The conditioning you inherited from your family carried through generations, and now you have passed them down to them. Or not, if you take that giant leap and begin getting to know the woman inside you!

We must live out loud happiness, embodying our most authentic selves, and live the life we genuinely desire. For that to happen, we got to talk the talk and walk the walk at all times! They are watching you!


This is the inward journey I've walked in the last three decades. Reinventing myself time and time again as I peeled the layers that covers my soul and now I am inviting you to step into you glorious femininity and reclaim your freedom. Your joy and the Exciting opportunities that await you


Client Love...

Let's Have a Virtual Coffee to find out if the program is right for you!