Soul Alignment Masterclass

The Alchemy Activation

Who is it for?

An exclusive eight-week group masterclass that invites deep introspection activating the release of your fear-based story, enhancing your self-awareness, giving you the clarity to align with your Soul's purpose and connect to your wholeness 


Identifying your karmic contracts limiting beliefs, assumptions, and interpretation empowers you to recognize what has held you back and empowers you to make conscious choices to break through the veils that cover

the extraordinary being within you​

It helps you attune with your body in perfect synchronicity...

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Unleashing the power within to heal and align your mind, body, soul, and spirit

What Does It Include?

An Intimate group of women supporting each other through this intense inward journey.

  • Eight Weekly 90 minutes Virtual Group Meetings

  • You will explore and experience how energy runs through you in real-time, bringing you awareness of how you are showing up in the world.

  • One Distance Group Reiki Healing Session

  • One clarity call to explore your infinite possibilities and is blocking clarity

  • The Release of your Fear-Based Story Exercise

  • Each week you will be invited to embody the four elements of Mother Earth to align with her rhythms in oneness:

    1. Water - To become formless, limitless.​

    2. The Mountain - To commit to walking in courage and leap.

    3. The Spiral - To renew you need to shed old skin and embrace vulnerability, to REBIRTH.

    4. The Serpent - As you shed old skin, you will be invited to set your passion on fire.

    5. The Gatherer - Recognize your gifts and unlimited potential to harvest the abundance already available for you.

    6. The Tree of Life - What dreams do you want to awaken to create your mindful destine? Become a conscious creator.

    7. The Rainmaker- Unleashing your creativity to co-create your dream life.

    8. The Coyote - Embrace your life story; it is your MAGIC POWER


Become Formless and Limitless Like Water

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