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Transformation Is An Inside Job

I feel extremely grateful that my passion for helping women transform their lives has become my dream job. By guiding and teaching others, I have learned that aligning with our life vision and embracing who we truly are can create something truly magical.


This clarity and confidence within ourselves allow us to navigate through life assertively, co-creating an extraordinary future and leaving a powerful legacy for the women who come after us.


We ignite this magic by removing our masks and embracing our true selves unapologetically.

Hi, my name is Dayanna

In my former life, I used to be in the aviation maintenance, jet engine and landing gear repairs manager. Also a lifelong entrepreneur (co-own an aviation brokerage), Embodiment Coach, Energy Healer, and Sujok Therapist.

I refuel my soul in nature, love to share meditations under the moonlight at our one-acre zen backyard, spend time with unique humans (my love language is quality time), travel, and guide women like you to embody your essence and manifest your dreams powerfully by tapping into your inner magic.


I knew I was born for greatness, like you, but my inner child felt lost, unworthy, unlovable, and unvalidated. That emptiness and aimlessness influenced me to look for ways, circumstances, and life choices that would give me a sense of worthiness and belonging. 

In reality, I was looking for to be seen and loved

And although I was raised lovingly, I grew up within the social constructs that supported and encouraged me I still felt small, voiceless, and fearful to be successful

The Cycle Breaker!

I felt a deep yearning to heal my inner child as an adult woman. I intuitively knew that's where my story began to take a turn, so I could fit in and be accepted.

When I was six years old, my parents went through financial hardships and sent me to spend some time in Costa Rica. The adults decided it was better for me to stay with my paternal grandparents, who were strangers to me. 

As a young child, being separated from the people I loved was traumatic, and the story in my mind said: "I am not wanted, I am not loved and not worthy..." 

This pattern continued showing up throughout my life in the decisions I made, the relationships I had, and the unhappiness I felt because I constantly sabotaged myself to please others





“I needed to over-perform, or people please to be worthy!”


That is how I began removing the masks I had put on to protect myself heal my inner child, relationships and restore my self-love

I walked out of a 22-year corporate career to immerse myself in a spiritual journey to heal my debilitating body suffering from many ailments—my mind, from the beliefs I've inherited and taken as my own so I could align with my soul calling and tap into my inner-wisdom to lead other women on this journey of radical self-acceptance

To embody the woman I was born BE.




It Is Your Turn to Embody Your Essence

With love, self-acceptance, and joy so you can love others unconditionally.

And with boldness break karmic generational chains, limiting beliefs and life paradigms to feel inner peace, and wholeness, and heal your body so you can be fully present to live a life, full of possibilities,


Reconcile with your inner child by giving yourself the self-love that you deserve. 

Releasing the guilt and shame to embrace the sensual, powerful woman within.

Embody YOUR essence, knowing what YOU want, saying what YOU need, and living YOUR life in alignment with whom YOU WERE BORN TO BE

Your Story is Your Power!

Client Love...

Loren Gonzalez

Dayanna has an ethereal gift to open new ground for others to explore along their journey. During an activation meditation I was taken to another place emotionally and spiritually that ignited a transformation in my soul. 

Katy Green

I wanted to let you know how grateful I still am to you for the cord-cutting healing you provided me with. It brought me on a journey to loving and accepting myself as I am. I really cannot thank you enough. You have been a major blessing in this process.

Mariah Williams

Dayanna has truly transformed my life in ways I can’t put into words, and continues to guide me spiritually! I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST COACH God could have sent me! Thank you for helping me STEER my life! 

This is Dayanna In A Nutshell


Health Advocate

Life-long Learner &
Truth Fider

Homa Therapy

Love Plants

Save Earth

Love My Cape Cod







My Shadow!

Travel Anywhere!

Energy Healing