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Women's Circles Activations & Ceremonies

Within a women's circle, a powerful sense of connection is fostered as women share their experiences and beliefs in a space free of judgment. This sacred environment promotes deep healing and rebirth on an energetic level. 

When you feel supported, it is easier for you to find the strength you need to make the changes in your life required to live fully. It enhances your self-esteem and self-worth.

You will have a Women's Circle that embraces you as you are!

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Jean Shinoda Bolén, a Jungian psychiatrist and analyst, pioneered women's circles in the modern era. In her book "The Millionth Circle," she invites women to create their own circles, affirming that the more circles are created, the faster we will build a conscious and balanced humanity.


Women's Circle

Women are now being called to balance the universe's energies, as evidenced by the growing number of women awakening their consciousness and entering professions centered around listening and healing.


To remove my self-protecting shields and put down the swords meant to disrobe my soul and give light to my shadows so I could see my spirit.

Dayanna Valenciano-Luna

How can a women's circle and rituals assist you in your personal growth journey?

The circle, ritual, and ceremonies are NOT therapy, but it is a place where women can feel heard, seen, and accepted.

An intimate space where everyone's voice and collective wisdom are valued, without judgment or competence hierarchies.

It is a place to set powerful intentions, release what no longer serves you and celebrate new beginnings.

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women circle around mandala with soft colors.jpg

Would like to celebrate an important step in your life?

embrace your shadow o Closing cycles o Gratitude for learning - Autumn: circles with greater mysticism and connection with forces superiors. o Connection with your ancestors o Connect with your inner witch (tarot spreads, pendulums, rituals magical) o Lineage Healing o Pattern Healing o Detachment, cut ties. - Summer: circles with a more feminine theme. or Manifestation or inner child o Uterus healing or merit o Work with the mother and ancestors - Spring: Beginnings and joy for life. o Awaken inner strength. o Motivation and gratitude for life or Abundance o Start of projects

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