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Area de Conservación Guanacaste World Heritage Site UNESCO  - Rincón de la Vieja Volcano.

Costa Rica

The Place Of Your Rebirth

You feel a yearning to embrace yourself and connect deeply to your soul. Immersed in and embraced by the four forces of Mother Nature, cradled by the geothermal hot springs, refueling your soul with volcanic energies while you release all the heaviness in the waterfalls.

Relinquishing all your fear as you glide through the air, feeling Pachamama's energy underneath you. Letting it all go in the rainforest and in the mountains of Costa Rica.

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Become One With The Water

Be Formless. Flow. Refresh

Water is the universal fuel of existence.

You will submerge in the geothermal waters in the volcanic Arenal Hot Springs, cradling your spirit and preparing you for your journey.

You will enjoy the Hot Springs for half-day, nourishing your soul with a delicious lunch in the luxurious spa surrounded by a lush tropical garden.

The warmth of the water simulates the moment before rebirth. Cradle in the womb and nourished by the water

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Feel The Energy Of Transmutation

We will ask the fire to support your rite of passage by connecting to the fire underneath your feet. 

The fire is the initiation of our journey. You are lighting the light within to shine bright as you connect to your essence and activate your energy healing.

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Flow Through The Air

The Air connects you to the divine power within you.

It awakens your higher self for a deep consciousness journey.

Surrendering as you glide through the air, feel the air caressing your face feeling the power of mother earth beneath you and the power of the volcano around you.

It invites you to face your fears and realize that being in flow lies in your power!

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Connect To Nature's Rhythms

As you merge with Mother Earth, you will connect to the compassionate spirits, opening your heart to receive the messages that await you from your guides.  

The power of feeling aligned with the four forces of nature.

This is your journey into wholeness...

Six days feeling with Mother Earth, soaking in her geothermal waters, gliding through the air with tree canopies beneath your feet, feeling the powerful energy force from Arenal volcano, awakening all of your senses and aligning with her rhythms.


For those of you who are waiting, JUST DO IT!

This is an AMAZING EXPERIENCE you will remember and say I"m happy and thankful I did this!

Get ready for the journey!

Lissete Garrido / Massage Therapist


  •  March10th -   Arrival in Costa Rica. Get Ready for your Journey!

  • March 11th -  Enjoy Your Breakfast!

    • Early Pick up

      • Bajos del Toro Waterfalls

      • Typical lunch

      • ​Arrival to Fortuna

      • Welcome Dinner at Casa Luna Bar and Grill

  • March 12th - Half-Day Tour

    • After a delicious breakfast, you will be gliding above the canopy trees surrounded by nature.

      • Canopy Tour & Personal River Draft (if river conditions permit)

      • Packed Lunch

      • Group Dinner 

  • March13th - After breakfast, you will be immersed in the geothermal Hot Springs at Ecotermales, nourishing your body with a delicious lunch.​

  • March 14th - Transfer to The Beach

    • Full Immersion Soul Journeying

    • Group Dinner

  • March 15th - Early Morning Meditation at the Beach

    • Full Immersion Soul Journeying

  • March 16th - Early Meditation & Group Reiki Energy Healing​​

  • March 18th - Airport Transfer 


The trip will be with eight extraordinary women, so we have an intimate and sacred space to share and grow together in sisterhood. 


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$2500 p/p Tripple
$2900 p/p Double
$3500 p/p Single (2 Available) 
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Mind, Body & Soul Alignment

Included In Your Journey

So you submerge yourself in the journey, we have thought about each detail for you to focus on the experience and be nourished mind, body, and soul.

  • Retreat Rebirth Experience

  • Lodging in Double Occupancy 

    • March 11th - March 18th

  • 7 Breakfasts

  • 7 Lunches

  • 7 Dinners

  • Transportation to each destination and tours

  • Airport Transfer (March 18th from the beach to SJO)

  • Bajos Del Toro Waterfall Tour

  • Sky Trek Canopy Tour

  • Personal River Raft (river conditions permit)

  • Entrance to Tabacon Hot Springs Resort & Lunch

Not Included
  • Airfare

  • Lodging for March 10th​​

    • Airport Transfer
    • Breakfast 

  • Optional Services

  • Optional Travel Insurance 

  • Alcoholic Beverages


Even if you are curious about the transformation that could happen, you can book a call today with me, and together we can decide if you are ready!