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Inward Journey

The Spiral
We invite flow, grace, and clarity into our lives when we surrender. We then begin to powerfully manifest and co-create our life with purpose and intention
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Lotus Flower

Ready for a deeper dive to transform and access the magic of your essence when you connect to higher levels of energy?

This is an intense journey; your commitment is required. 


This is for the brave who desire to climb the "Mount Everest" of the subconscious mind and ignite the catalysts for powerful transformation and synchronicities, inviting you to embrace your light and your shadow in wholeness...


Ready to shatter the illusions and see YOURSELF for whom you were meant to BE? Then I will serve as your guide and teacher to walk this path together...


What is Included?


  • 24 One Hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions A journey towards Oneness and Transcendence

  • 6 Reiki Energy Healing Sessions Activations.

  • The Wheel of Life Alignment Spiritual Practices

  • Eight Goddess Rituals Collection & Meditations

  • 9 Responsibilities Study by Taveta Grant

  • Crystals Workshop (One Day)

  • Dreams Workshop Workbooks - Lucid Dreams ( One Day)

  • Workbooks


Let your roots and branches be aligned with your heart's longings.
What dreams do you want to awaken?
Where do you want to sow new seeds?
Be a conscious creator!

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