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Dismantling Veils: Navigating the Extraordinary Journey of Self-Liberation and Universal Empathy

Nothing could've prepared me for 2023, and as it bids farewell, opening my eyes, heart, and soul, I reflect on a year woven with surprises and trials that shaped my journey and tested my faith as a mother, daughter, sibling, friend and as a professional coach, inviting me to dismantle the veil that still covered my eyes. Asking me to go even deeper and see and feel things I will never forget that forever changed my mind and soul.

And as we officially close the Gregorian calendar year, which, by the way, was created 500 years ago due to colonization, disregarding Mother Earth's and humans' natural rhythms, I embraced the challenge to redefine service to humanity, letting go of the trivial and using my voice to liberate myself from what is expected of me. 

I have never read such amount of resources or books or listened to scholars in such a short time to unlearn and relearn, shattering complete belief systems and revealing some very uncomfortable and painful truths. Honestly it has been mind blowing, and personally pierced my soul. A story I am not ready to share just yet.

Even during the most challenging times, I have never shied away from speaking my truth. Still, in 2023, it became a profound lesson in self-love and more about universal empathy, urging me to meet fear in the face and break the silence that has censored, moderated, and discouraged us from seeking the truth.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I thought to be true, collapsed.

And in the center of it all and what activated this ultimate Inward Journey, I force myself to bear witness to the atrocities that the Zionist Israel, an apartheid regime, has caused in one of the most horrific world catastrophes committed in modern times and how people I know looked the other way, did business as usual, or despicably justified the annihilated thirty thousand indigenous people, the majority children.

I said no to censorship and the normalization of conflating religion with a government/colonial state that commits mass murder/punishment without accountability or consequences.

I say no to collaborating or supporting those who use spirituality and mindfulness and have divorced their practice from the entire cultural context it comes from, forgetting that it comes from indigenous practices and rituals and everything that happens, including politics, is interconnected with our existence.

Spiritually, it is not about getting high in a blissful realm and disconnected from reality. It needs and should inform about politics, but the modern new age spiritually encourages people to look away from darkness and only focus on an individualist "love and light" instead of looking at darkness in the eye, without fear, in protest, with the courage to dismantle every system of oppression, that belittles and stops the human race consciousness evolution. 

This is something that in the last years I have spoken candidly about. To look within ourselves with great sense of responsibility and re-examine the stories we tell ourselves that disconnect us from our universal and collective empathy when we are immersed deep into white supremacy culture, sometimes unknowingly, because we grew up with this mindset, regardless of ethnic background. Speaking from experience here!

The stories that separate us from our humanity and take us into the space of mind that justifies the unliving of another human.

My journey to decolonize my mind from zionist propaganda, continue to dismantle the patriarchal systems in my personal life, and connect to the Palestinian people's pain came hand in hand and interconnected with one another. Everything that happens and everything that exists is interconnected.

That is wholeness.

No one said the journey would be easy. It is disruptive. Uncomfortable, even painful.

That is growth and transformation.

Since the genocide began, I've closed all my programs/offerings and stayed only with current clients, dedicating my social platforms solely to amplifying Palestinian voices and pleas for liberation. 

By the same token, I have supported all content creators, spiritual leaders, and coaches who have openly and bravely defended the cause despite the risks associated with speaking out and standing up for humanity.

I have "lost" collaborations because of my advocacy, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I will never allow anyone to dictate, moderate, or censor my freedom or state my worth. 

The moment I allow or give away my sovereignty, I'll be betraying myself. As Brené Brown said:

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”

My work for the last 30 years has been intrinsically committed to dismantling the patriarchal Systems that oppress us. 

That is the core of The Inward Journey, and me, modeling it. 

To those who've recently crossed paths with me and might be unfamiliar with my candid nature and the liberty I take in expressing my thoughts, if you find yourself wondering, or asking: "Is she okay?"—rest assured, this is just me being authentically me. #authenticityunleashed 

My life's work, activism, and advocacy will ALWAYS be centered in moving humanity forward and liberation for ALL. 

My healing journey embodies breaking free from these systems for myself, my daughters, the women who chose to work with me, and future generations. 

Everything we do is with purpose and intention, bearing in mind that everything I speak, do, or be will leave an imprint seven generations into the future. 

As for my programs and offerings, I am still determining when to reopen them and what they will look like. 

I am now embracing a commitment to a cause greater than myself. Everything I offer will align with my renwew values and commitment to breaking free from societal expectations and dogmas, forging a path that resonates with authenticity. 

A renewed commitment to challenge norms, stand against the tide despite opposition, and redefine my purpose. 

I will continue sharing my thoughts here and on social platforms, so follow me on the the links to stay connected.

Here's to a year of liberation, genuine connections that honor who I am to my core, and making waves that echo beyond our individual stories. 

Thank you to those who have committed to your Inward Journey in 2023 and beyond! You are brave and Unique! If you are interested in joining it when it renews, you can add you name to the waitlist at and share why it is important for you to dive deep within your soul.

Cheers to breaking free and embracing the extraordinary journey ahead that will set us free, filled with growth, purpose, universal empathy, and unwavering commitment.

With All My Love To You All

Dayanna Valenciano

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