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Dare to Embody Your Essence:
Channel Your Confidence,
Amplify Your Voice,
Embrace Your Courage to 
Walk In Your Truth

In Deconstruction and Decolonization

Since October 8th, I paused all my offerings for "retreats," or as I call them, a Journey Inward with Mother Earth in Costa Rica and long-term coaching programs. You may still book in-oerson or virtual single Energy Coaching Sessions, Reiki, and Sujok therapy.

These times has invited me to pull the rug from underneath my feet even further, both in my personal and professional life, recognizing the deep indoctrination I was in, even when I thought I was freeing myself from the patriarchal systems I believed I was dismantling. 

Now that I've allowed myself to disrupt and deconstruct my beliefs even further and challenge the status quo and power structures to decolonize my mind truly, I see how deeply ingrained it is in everything and everyone, exposing it in the spiritual, wellness, and women empowerment communities. Once I figure out how I will serve moving forward, please subscribe to my blog and podcast as I share this journey with all of you.

If You Are Here, You Want to Dismantle Patriarchy and Connect To Your Ancestral Wisdom

Dismantle perfectionism. It limits, wears, and paralyzes you. 

You are ready to release your fear and unleash your potential to achieve your aims at your pace

You want to live joyfully and create effortlessly, not from urgency or lack.

But I also know you are tired of being tired all the time, feeling overwhelmed and burnout from endless tasks and lack of inspiration. You are living from constant demands and haste and wanting to start deprogramming your nervous system from survival and continuous stress.  


You Want to Rediscover Your Voice and Self-Confidence. 


I didn't know what to expect. But it is an energy that is easy to trust, receive, and open our eyes to go deep within

Cynthia Salazar

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You yearn freedom, inner peace, and to learn to love yourself deeply...

Through The Inward Journey Activation and the magic of Energy Leadership, I guide women in healing their inner wounds.


Together, we create a sacred space where you can honor and accept who you truly are. By embracing transformation and growth, you'll learn the art of loving detachment and step into an expansive and transformative journey.

burning candles by the river, a cozy evening next to glamping, rural landscape.jpg

Comfort and Ease Meditation

How we set the conditions for our meditation will greatly affect our practice.

Let me guide you with a metal fantasy!


Music Connects You to Your Body

Download The Goddess Within playlist and invite your body to move and connect to your sensuality, ease, and peace within your heart and soul

“Dayanna's guidance has helped me overcome some of the most difficult moments of my life. She has helped me believe in myself again, regain my own strength and courage, and most importantly, reclaim my own power."

Patricia Rodriguez, Miami

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​It's time to fully embrace your true self and let your inner free spirit and divine passion shine as the woman you were meant to be.

If you feel you have done everything and are financially successful by your definition. However, you still feel a void, aimlessness, and unanswered questions. It is a good sign that this feeling and sense of emptiness is an invitation to explore the depths of your soul. There lie the answers you've been seeking outside of you...By reconciling with your inner child and giving yourself the self-love you deserve, by... 


  • Honoring your gifts  

  • Tap into your inner peace

  • Connect spirituality to feel wholeness 

  • Heal your body so you can be fully present to live a meaningful life full of "Why Not?"!.

  • And create magical transformations with the mastery and potential already within YOU!


This journey is for the woman who understands that the distance between her perceived weakness and her true inner strength lies in her courage to embrace her darkness and embody her truth with conviction.

Dayanna Valenciano-Luna

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Your Journey Inward Begins Here...

Step 1

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on

Understanding Your Energy

Step 2

Mind full or mindful   Inspiraitonal handwriting on a napkin with a cup of tea..jpg

Breaking Through  Your Fear Story

Step 3

Love Yourself Be You Self Esteem Confidence Encourage Concept.jpg

The Power
of Self-Love & 

Step 4

Holistic health concept of zen stones _ Concept body, mind, soul, spirit, .jpg

Mind, Body & Soul Alignment

Step 5

Close up image of woman’s hands holding Tibetan bowl by the Water.jpg

Integration Mastery

You've been yearning to take that leap for a while now. It's time to make it happen!

And really enjoy your life, where you live unapologetically the next stage level of your personal and professional life


Unlock the Magic Within and Transform Your Life by Reclaiming Your Power through a Courageous Leap toward Clarity, Freedom, and Confidence.

This is a profound Inward Journey™ is for the brave who desire to climb the "Mount Everest" of the subconscious mind and ignite the catalysts for powerful transformation and synchronicities, inviting you to embrace your light and your shadow in wholeness...


Ready to shatter the illusions and see YOURSELF for whom you were meant to BE? Then I will serve as your guide and teacher to walk this path together...

This is for you if:

  • If you are tired of the perfectionism that limits, wears, and paralyzes you. 


  • If you are tired of being tired all the time, full of activities, and to-do lists, with constant stages of lack of inspiration and burnout, and living from constant demands and haste, of wanting to start deprogramming your nervous system from survival and continuous stress. 


  • If you want to recover your voice and self-confidence. 


  • If you want to stop fearing to dream and manifest big. 


  • If you long to live from joy, create from lightness, not from urgency, effort, and necessity. 


  • If you want to go through profound changes accompanied by a guide who will be close to you to remind you how to listen to your true wisdom. 


Client Love...

Dayanna is a spiritually gifted healer that awakens and shifts big energy within people. My time with her over the last year has been the most transformational journey that led to deep healing, wild manifestations, and beautiful insights. Her support, guidance, and tireless passion for people were a blessing to experience.

Loren Gonzalez- Virginia

Dayanna has truly transformed my life in ways I can’t put into words, and continues to guide me spiritually! I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST COACH God could have sent me! Thank you for helping me STEER my life!

Mariah Corral - Colorado

I've never seen somebody master aligning spiritual growth with business as much as Dayanna. Being mentored by her was indeed one of my most exceptional soul growth experience.

Chloe Cordero - France

What can I expect from this journey?

Each process is unique and magical, but over the years, I have seen most of the women that leap into Inward Journey cultivate the following:

  • The embodiment of your Confidence, your Voice, in your Inner Wisdom to act in alignment with your desires and dreams.


  • You can live a life of less effort and more abundance, success, and love while staying true to your talents.


  • It's important to cultivate positive relationships and distance yourself from those negatively impacting your life.


  • In order to handle stress from external sources and avoid sudden spikes, the nervous system needs flexibility, stamina, and regulation.

  • Having genuine INNER PEACE enables you to fully enjoy each day, be present, and trust the natural flow of life with grace and ease.


  • Having a belief system that enhances your life and supports your dreams instead of hindering them.


  • Set clear boundaries, stop trying to please everyone, and become the leader of your own life. 

  • Growing and strengthening your energetic, intellectual, emotional, physical, bodily, and nervous systems is crucial for achieving a fulfilling and prosperous life, DEFINE BY YOU. This results in decreased stress and increased adaptability when faced with life's obstacles.

What do the Inward Journey Trailblazers Say?

✔︎ More visibility and impact


To remove my self-protecting shields and put down the swords meant to disrobe my soul and give light to my shadows so I could see my spirit.

Dayanna Valenciano-Luna



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