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Transformation Is An Inside Job

No amount of controlling the external circumstances can shift what's deep inside you. Your power lies in letting go of the control you think you have over outcomes and diving deep within to do the soul work. 
Trust me, I've been there, wearing the control freak badge like a medal of honor. But real, lasting change?


It starts and ends with YOU, inside of YOU!

Hi, my name is Dayanna

It's been quite the journey! In 2023 marked my 25th year in aerospace and aviation—a sector brimming with complexities, innovations, and, yes, some high stakes where I navigated the world of MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and it was and still is a wild ride! No, I am not an aircraft mechanic or engineer, but the jobs I've held have been highly technical and fascinating! (Talk about yin and yang!)

For the last decade, I've also embraced the role of founder and owner of a procurement aviation firm.


But there's a plot twist! In 2016, I boldly chose to walk away from the corporate world to focus solely on my procurement firm and my passion—coaching women to heal generational wounds. And, let me tell you, it was the best decision I've ever made.

I know what you're thinking, "From aerospace to life coaching?”

How did that happen?


It may seem like a leap, but here's the magic. The skills, mindset, and tenacity I've honed in aerospace have blended remarkably well with my work in the Embodiment of Core Energy Leadership and holistic practices. The outcome?

A fusion of technical expertise with emotional intelligence that's a game-changer for professional women, especially those who have hang on tight to highly masculine roles.

Being a steward of both worlds, I now offer you something extraordinary—imagine a life and a  workspace that is technically sound but also emotionally vibrant.


The bridge to both worlds and deeply connected with your essense!

It is a place where women can flourish as professionals and as their most authentic selves.

During my aerospace days, I mastered the art of precision, strategic thinking, and a gift for problem-solving. Meanwhile, as an embodiment coach, I've guided women towards self-acceptance, self-love, and breaking free from ancestral patterns that bind them.

It's time we marry these worlds!

The balance and harmony of masculine and feminine results in a work environment that's productive and deeply fulfilling, both personally and professionally. After all, our outer world reflects our inner state of being and vice versa.

The Cycle Breaker!

So, here's a bit of my story—growing up, my inner child felt lost, unworthy, and unloved. Despite all the love around me, societal norms made me feel small and voiceless. Can you relate?


At age six, I was sent to Costa Rica due to family financial hardships, which ingrained this narrative in me:

"I am not wanted, not loved, not worthy." Sounds heavy, right? But here's the turn—I decided to rewrite my story.


After leaving corporate to embark on a spiritual journey that led me to healing my mind, body, and soul. I tore off the masks I wore, reconciled with my inner child, and practiced radical self-acceptance. And guess what?


Now it's YOUR turn to embody your essence. 

You can break free from those karmic generational chains and limiting beliefs with love, self-acceptance, and sheer joy. Why?


Because your story is your power! 




Welcome to this sacred space, where the essence of YOU is celebrated!

Guiding you transform your life to blossom into the lives you have envisioned

Here's the magic—when you align with your life vision and embrace your true self unapologetically, something extraordinary happens. 

You suddenly navigate life with such clarity and confidence that you co-create your dream life and a legacy for the fierce females who follow in your footsteps.


How liberating is that?


It Is Your Turn to Embody Your Essence

With love, self-acceptance, and joy so you can love others unconditionally.

And with boldness break karmic generational chains, limiting beliefs and life paradigms to feel inner peace, and wholeness, and heal your body so you can be fully present to live a life, full of possibilities,


Reconcile with your inner child by giving yourself the self-love that you deserve. 

Releasing the guilt and shame to embrace the sensual, powerful woman within.

Embody YOUR essence, knowing what YOU want, saying what YOU need, and living YOUR life in alignment with whom YOU WERE BORN TO BE

Ultimate Self-Acceptance and Self-Love!

Client Love...

Loren Gonzalez

Dayanna has an ethereal gift to open new ground for others to explore along their journey. During an activation meditation I was taken to another place emotionally and spiritually that ignited a transformation in my soul. 

Katy Green

I wanted to let you know how grateful I still am to you for the cord-cutting healing you provided me with. It brought me on a journey to loving and accepting myself as I am. I really cannot thank you enough. You have been a major blessing in this process.

Mariah Williams

Dayanna has truly transformed my life in ways I can’t put into words, and continues to guide me spiritually! I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST COACH God could have sent me! Thank you for helping me STEER my life! 

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