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What is Your E-Factor?

If you're on the lookout to truly ascend, not just professionally but personally, let's talk about something that's more than just a nudge; it's a full-throttle boost—The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment. Recognized by the Forbes Coaches Council as the third most essential assessment every executive should take, ELI is particularly invaluable for women like us.

What Exactly is the ELI Assessment?

This isn't a clichéd personality test or your typical strengths and weaknesses roundup. ELI is an attitudinal assessment that genuinely shows you how you engage with the world—both in your everyday moments and when the engines are on full throttle (aka stress time). Come spend 20 minutes on a questionnaire and another hour debriefing with me, an iPEC Certified Coach and Master Practitioner, to unravel your unique energy map

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Unpacking Your E-Factor—Your Unique Energy Signature

The ELI assessment will categorize your energy into catabolic (the draining, not-so-great kind) or anabolic (the uplifting, let's-do-this kind). You'll get an E-Factor score ranging from 1 to 7.

Higher scores often correlate with a higher propensity for success—and yes, you can shift this score!

Three Signs ELI is for You

  1. You're an Aspiring Trailblazer: You've got big dreams but maybe you're feeling a bit stuck? ELI can be the key to unlock doors you didn't even know existed.

  2. Leadership is Your Jam: You want to be that magnetic leader who not only navigates with skill but inspires her crew to soar.

  3. You're Ready to Transform: Whether it's smashing that glass ceiling or pivoting your career entirely, ELI can offe

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Why Me?

I've navigated the airways of the aviation industry for over 22 years, specifically honing my skills in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO). I get the unique blend of challenges and opportunities that we, as women, face. So believe me when I say, I know the lay of the land.

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