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Welcome to this unique space created just for you!

Where you will find inspiration, motivational stories, and resources for when you need to begin your Inward Journey towards healing and inner peace!

The embodiment of your gifts gives you the empowerment to create a life that fills up your soul with what is truly meaningful for you.

Dare to create your own path!


Releasing Childhood Anger


Begin with a powerful breathwork meditation to release childhood anger step by step, begin to shift the energy.



Letting go and forgiving yourself didn't happen overnight. It required a conscious decision to open each #Lid you've closed to uncover the extraordinary being that you are.


To purposely walk the sleeping Goddess within the layers. You are a unique soul who is evolving every day.

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Find the inspiration, an idea, or a strategy to help you choose your next step through your journey!


I call this space "Between Us - Undressing Our Soul." 

In this intimate space, I share my journey, the struggles, and the triumphs where you can find the motivation you need to pull through a life transition.

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Client Love

A Moment With Her

Shhhh, the spirits have entered.

The sacred circle has been drawn.

She covers me with her wing while I cry, again and again, asking, "why?".

Tears fall from her eyes as she travels with me through the pain and healing to the other side.

Her face is filled with knowing and might light as we explore what is felt but hidden from sight.

Agony, exploration, discovery,

delight as we tap into the newfound strength and might.

She sighs, a singing sound that opens her mind to the messages and guides.

The synchronicity is high.

Her wisdom from woes and years of life unfolds,​

creating compassion that each listening ear holds.

The day's insight and healing fill the room; is it time to leave so soon?

Our time has come to an end, so the circle we'll close.

I'll be forever grateful that she was the one the spirits chose

Loren Raechelle


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