You Are Born For Greatness...

But your inner child feels...

  • Lost,

  • Unworthy

  • Unlovable and

  • Unvalidated.

It has influenced you to look for ways, circumstances, and life choices that would give you a sense of worthiness. 


But What You really want is a magical transformation and to learn how to Deeply Love Yourself...

Learning how to embody your essence with self-acceptance, love, and curiosity by lovingly healing your inner child, unshackling the path of past and future generations for you and your daughters. 


To unchain karmic ancestral contracts, freeing yourself and releasing your daughters in your journey.

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Comfort and Ease Meditation

How we set the conditions for our meditation will greatly affect our practice.

Let me guide you with a metal fantasy!


Music Connect You to Your Body

Download The Goddess Within playlist and invite your body to move and connect to your sensuality, ease, and peace within your heart and soul


This is Your Time To Be The Free-Spirited, Divine, Passionate Woman That You Are

By reconciling with your inner child and giving yourself the self-love you deserve, by... 


  • Honoring your gifts  

  • Tap into your inner peace

  • Connect spirituality to feel wholeness 

  • Heal your body so you can be fully present to live a meaningful life, full of "Why Not?"!.

  • And create magical transformations with the mastery and potential already within YOU!

Your Journey Inward Begins Here...

Step 1

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on

Energy Release

Step 2

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Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

Step 3

Step 5

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Integration Mastery

Love Yourself Be You Self Esteem Confidence Encourage Concept.jpg

The Power
of Self-Love

Step 4

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Mind, Body & Soul Alignment

Client Love...

Dayanna is a spiritually gifted healer that awakens and shifts big energy within people. My