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I Stopped Drinking Bottled/Filtered Water and It Saved me!

Our perceptions are 💯 % unreliable!

We can empty our minds and soul whenever we face a different perspective and listen with an open heart with childlike curiosity. It opens the opportunity to learn something new that can potentially shift our life paradigm, allowing us to grow exponentially.

That has been my motto in life, allowing me to prosper in all areas, but one! My physical health! It has been a 33-year battle that I was losing. My intuition had been whispering for years my body could seek its balance and heal itself. But HOW!? I had no clue, and everything I explored, didn't echo my core inner-knowing.

The search for healing would lead me to become an eternal learner, truth seeker, challenger, generational cycle breaker, Energy Leadership Life Coach, Sujok Therapist, and Reiki Healer. In essence, an alchemist honored to have guided and witnessed extraordinary clients' transformations.

But in this path, the more doors we explore for growth and learning, the more we will be asked to challenge what we believe to be true.

This quest started in my teenage years, refusing to have surgery when they found ten cysts in my ovaries, and instead, I opted to have homeopathy, which healed me. I didn't know anything about holistic or alternative medicine back then. It was primarily an innate inner knowing.

Another time, when I was fifteen years old, I made a hospital escapade, fitting of a movie scene, when a family doctor said I had appendicitis and admitted me to take it out. Don't ask me how, but I knew it wasn't it.

It's funny now. It became a family anecdote of how I escaped the hospital and called my mom to pick me up. But, back then, I was terrified and pissed because I knew I was fine and didn't want anything to be taken out of my body.

I've always had a voice that kept whispering: Food is medicine, and medicine is food, but how do I heal my body with food?.

My search always reached a dead end.

From 2005 till 2016, I was often in the ER suffering from bronchitis and pneumonia. Someone sneezed, I had to run in the opposite direction. In the end, my body created resistance to antibiotics. And in the last episode, by my doctor's recommendation, I was admitted because the doses were high, so I needed to be monitored 24/7 to prevent a cardiac arrest.

Fed up found an otolaryngologist surgeon who would remove my amygdalas, adenoids and do a nose turbinate reduction, thinking these were the cause of my misery. It ended up being the most painful surgery and the longest recovery time of my life. For eight weeks, eating, drinking, and even breathing were agonizing.

In the meantime, my body inflammation was getting out of hand. I had done detoxes, diets like keto, Atkins, vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, Isagenix, Herbalife, Purium, etc. Ahhh, I am out of breath!

I did them all under the sun.

Exercises, I am a BIG believer in body movement, yep, pushed even when I had no energy, abusing and injuring my body. I sought nutritional advice and signed up to My FitnessPal, Noom, Weight Watchers, Lose It to track my food intake. You name it. I did it! And "weight" kept adding up...

One thing I never skipped was my water (simple bottled or filtered water) only to balloon back and gain all the weight I had "lost," and then some, along with mysterious illnesses, fatigue, and pains. I didn't have before!

One day, my belly ballooned, felt like a rock, hurting every time I ate. Again ran to ER, where the recommendation was to cut a chunk of my intestine because I had an abscess due to diverticulitis. Again, I refused surgery and was admitted for a week, given antibiotics, praying my body would respond positively to the medicine. Thankfully, the infection subsided.

The doctor insisted I still had the surgery, and on my follow-up visit, the young internist looked at me like I had four eyes when I told him I wasn't going to have it because my body was healing itself. He stepped out to check with my surgeon, who told him, "Let's do what she says!". Four years later, I still have my intestinal tract intact and sparkling clean per the colonoscopy.

Around the same time, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis and menstrual problems so severe that they led me to have a Myomectomy three years ago. I have had life-long anemia. And in recent years, cholesterol, triglycerides, joint pains, chronic fatigue were added to the list, along with fibromyalgia, where parts of my body were going numb.

I was genuinely scared.

How can this be!? I've been doing everything "right"!

I've led a pretty healthy life.

I've never smoked, used drugs, didn't drink besides my sporadic wine, ate healthy, and never had prolonged pharma intake! How? And Why?

In the meantime, my body inflammation in November of 2021 was out of hand. My stomach up until recently looked like I was seven months pregnant. I could not breathe, often feeling defeated and hopeless.

I secretly thought I had a tumor or, worst, cancer that no one had found yet! There was no logical explanation for everything I was experiencing.

The frustration led me into a slump, and I got close to giving up and letting the degenerative diseases take their course. I could manage my emotional and spiritual being but had no idea about my physical self.

And so recently, my health paradigm shifted, challenged, and everything I believed about health, food, water, and salt, was smashed.

Genuinely a satori moment! The missing piece in the health puzzle, and it has been in front of my eyes all along!

I was introduced to Unani Medicine and Unani Nutritional System by Dr. David Duarte, by someone who had been saved from a rare cancer.

No one was selling anything.

No one was convincing me of anything.

A beautiful soul who sensed my pain shared it with a bit of apprehension because she knew it was controversial—the opposite of what we have been led to believe about water and nutrition.

"Stop to drinking simple water, bottled water, filtered water (hypotonic water), and start drinking water with electrolytes (isotonic water). Introduce salt back into your diet! Also, no carbohydrates, no vegetables, or fruits except if these are produced in the season where you live, eat meat and animal fat (humans are hunters and collectors), and fast as often as your body adapts. Say What!?

Not going to lie; at first, I found myself quickly putting up a wall dismissing what was being said as absolutely crazy. What, you are telling me not to drink water?! This is the opposite of what we have been told!

And you probably are doing the same thing right now!?. I won't blame you; after all, we have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to relinquish our health, have chosen not to listen to our bodies intuitively, and became dependent on others to tell us what to do with our health.

We are lazy and want easy fixes—a magic pill. We don't want to take full responsibility for our health and roll up our sleeves to do the work. It's too much!

We have also been told salt is evil, and we need to drink crazy amounts of simple filtered or bottled water, right?!

So, that night, sitting around our dinner table, I noticed the uncomfortable feeling we sense in our stomach or chest when our perspective is being challenged. Our ego wants to protect our beliefs at all costs, so I decided to ease my stance and listen genuinely without judgment and with an open mind.

It became so fascinating I spent an entire night immersed in research, learning what I could and was available, corroborating it with medical information, physics, and chemistry. Luckily, the Unani Medicine leader in the Americas, Dr. David Duarte, provided a wealth of information on YouTube and his online courses. The only thing left was to become my own experiment and prove my results!

History Unani Medicine

"Unaani means Greek and Unani medicine is an ancient Greek system of medicine based on the qualities of four temperaments and four humors. Unani medicine recognizes the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical causes of illness or health and believes that each individual should take responsibility for their own well-being".

"Unani medicine, like Western medicine, originated with Hippocrates and his followers. The Unani system of medicine is practiced widely in Persia, Pakistan, and India. It is also practiced in South Africa, England and other countries. The Unani system is sometimes called Hikmat or Unani-Tibb."

It is public knowledge that doctors are not trained in nutrition. It is also true that Big Pharma is only for profit. Yes, modern medicine has made extraordinary medical advances, but treating degenerative illnesses is a catastrophe. There are deep socio, political, and economic interests to keep us in the eternal pharma-dependent hamster wheel that I will not get into now. And people like me, who refuse to take pharmaceuticals and instead search for the cause instead of a bandage, and ask many, many, many questions, won't get any help! We are not profitable!

Now, we know electricity is LIFE! And Life is an electric phenomenon.

Our entire body is electric. That is why we are alive! Life itself began in the sea!

EKGs measure our heart function, EGG measures brain waves, and many other tests measures our body's electric conductivity. Humans can produce 100 watts on average, enough electricity to light up a bulb.

We have energy flowing in and out of our bodies constantly. I can feel it when working with patients and clients. We can sense our energy state and aura with a simple exercise.

SO what makes us electric? And how do we improve our electric conductivity?

Filtered water, bottled water, is toxic water with zero electrolytes. So I began drinking isotonic water: "Isotonic drinks have similar water, salt, and carbohydrate concentration (6-8%) to blood", which tells us we need water with both cations and anions for our daily survival. Not sporadically, but every day! Forget energy drinks, which only have cations, turning into radicals that eventually build kidney stones! And so ALL modern diets tell us to drink an astronomical amount of simple/hypotonic water, which washes away our electrolytes without replacing them in our daily diets or drinks, causing incredible damage to our entire body—shocked yet?

Dr. David Duarte, with over two decades of experience, is also a traditional doctor, homeopathic doctor, and psychologist. He has taken the time to teach so that we learn, explaining step by step what happens in our body with current nutritional beliefs that are fallacies and hurting us—inviting us to take back our body's sovereignty and responsibility for our own healing.

If you know Spanish, you are in luck because he has a wealth of information accessible for free on YouTube and an online course with over 30 hours of classes, at an accessible investment! He also speaks English for those wanting to book a one-on-one.

I don't make any money promoting him, other than hopefully helping someone gain their health back, just like me!

Allow me to share a bit of thought-provoking history. Pre-industrial revolution, the salt intake in our diets was 50 to 200 grams per day; 60 years ago, nutritional associations, government, and doctors (cough) started to demonize salt, and depletion in our diets began, and with it the evolution of all degenerative diseases. We are paying a hefty price, physically and financially.

Nowadays, the recommended salt intake is about 5 grams per day, or the recommendation is to be eliminated entirely in my case. Insane!!!

If you are curious to know more, check out "The Salt Fix" by Dr. James DiNicolantonio. Who has done extraordinary research and is the leading doctor advocating for the medical stance to move forward and away from archaic beliefs.

The food pyramid created in 1992, with its origins dating back 60-50 years ago, was also based not on nutritional value but on what was available and needed to be sold at the time. To most recently replaced by My Plate along with a glass of water, it still has its flaws.

So if we are washing out our electrolytes and reducing salt in our diets, how in the world will we survive!?

I reached out to Dr. David Duarte's team, scheduled a 1:1 session, and signed up for their academy. I was hungry to learn more because I felt good for the first time in my life by adding electrolytes and salt back.

The measurements needed to be exact, so I bought a gram scale and a glass measuring milliliters. Within a week, body aches were gone, I had had more energy, and the inflammation in my stomach started to go down. At last, my blood cells and white cells were releasing the water accumulated through the years, massively detoxing, releasing 14 lbs of water weight to date, and counting. Not only am I seeing changes in myself but my husband too.

As Dr. Duarte says, one cause, many problems; hence multiple degenerative diseases we suffer today like:

Clear Urine (sign of poor electric conductivity) Obesity Thyroid Acne

Hair loss Hormone Problems

Ear ringing Mentrual Problems

Vertigo or disease Panic Attacks

Headaches Anemia

Fatigue Low Inmunne System

Anxiety Joint Pain

distress Blood Pressure

Cellulite Cholesterol, Trygleseradies

Fibromagya Dysautonomia

Clinical Depression Alzheimer

Parkison Inflammation


And many, many more...

It saved me only because I chose to challenge my belief systems and listen with an open mind.

If you are curious, start by learning, doing your own research, reading the books. At the end of the day, our bodies and health are our responsibility.

I want to age gracefully with optimal quality of life and learn as much as possible in the process! I don't want to grow old depending on loved ones to care for me.

How about you?

How to make Isotonic Water:

  • You can make your isotonic water at home with:

  • 1 liter of water

  • Lemons

  • 6 grams of salt (need to be measured)

It is essential to mention that nutrition plays a crucial part in our body function; therefore, adding electrolytes is just the beginning.

If you decide to explore, take your health sovereignty back, know that you are not alone!

Here are some books and videos that can shed some light for avid readers and researchers.

  • Homeopathic Psychology: Personality Profiles of the Major Constitutional Remedies by Philip M. Bailey

  • The Perfect Human Body

  • The Salt Fix by James DiNicolantonio.

  • Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, Edson Matus




Regardless of the date, no content on this site should ever be used to substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician. Check with your medical provider if you regularly take prescribed medicine.

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What kind of salt?

Dayanna Valenciano
Dayanna Valenciano
Jan 24, 2022
Replying to

Any salt 🧂, Himalayan, kosher, table salt, Preferably with ionized, although I’ve been using table salt 😊 Dr. David Duarte has many videos explaining and teaching 💓

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