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Integrity Indicates Wholeness

Integrity indicates wholeness or oneness.

If we have integrity, we are sincere, truthful, fair, and honest. And would mean we are living life with congruency.

It starts with awareness by shining light on the self. Alberto Villoldo calls this journey "fishing the Deepest Waters." "In order to heal our soul and find that missing part, we must go fishing in the deepest waters of the psyche, where we haven't gone before," I call it An Inwards Journey™. "It takes courage and vulnerability, and both go hand in hand, helping us "feel" life with clarity and glue together the parts of our soul that came apart, starting by asking about our values and inner-drivers.

Then ask ourselves: What level of energy I can consciously choose when I show, speak, and relate to others?

The inward journey helped me see the world through energy rather than the people, event, or circumstances, and in turn, in my practice, I coach/listen to the core energy, not the person.

For the last years, I have committed myself to speak the unspoken with love and honesty. It means sharing how I feel with openness - welcoming uncomfortable conversations and, yes, choosing silence at times instead.

To be good at anything, we got to do the work ourselves first. We got to try everything we profess.

If we are a mompreneur - we must see our children as our greatest teachers.

If we are coaches - we got to do our inner-work and live by it.

If we teach finance - well, we better have ours in order!

If we profess to teach women empowerment - We better be empowered ourselves and have a thriving business.

I know it is a cliche - but we got to talk the talk and walk the walk. Congruency! It is the quality of our relationship with self, money, love, kindness, and compassion. It is speaking our truth, not what is our filtered true - there is a difference.

The other night, we browsed Netflix for a comedy, wondering what to watch - the girls got us into "The Hunting" for a week, and I was done with ghost stories! We came across the movie "The Late Bloomer" Not a hit and was pretty boring, to be honest, but the message was on point! The guy had written a book about sex and have never experienced sex!

So congruency is the harmony of what we think, feel, say, and do with how we live both within our home's privacy and what we show the world. And that, my friends, can be felt by the energy we project out into the world! We can't hide it, as much as we try!

When we are misaligned, it feels constricted, impostor syndrome creeps in, and we are overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and as if the world is against us. We are defiant!

By doing deep work, we can release ourselves from the filters that block our clarity and aligned with our core values to live a life in wholeness and truth.


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