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Lessons From A Recovering People-Pleaser!

From my pain and people-pleasing, I rediscovered the hidden treasures of my being! But it was after I gazed at my reflection long enough to see that the cracks in my soul were just an illusion!

Before that, I believed if I worked on my mindset and pushed myself not to feel, I would be ok!

In reality, all I was filling up with was avoidance of conflict, busyness, my need to fill up my knowledge tank or my bank account, and my unhelpful and unhealthy judgment. It only left me feeling overwhelmed, confused, and powerless!

The lessons poured when I mustered the courage to sit with my pain!

😔 From going through a divorce when I was twenty-six, being a new mom while the world gave me its back.

🌀 I learned to believe in myself again and make the impossible possible!

🥺 From when I was belittled and gender discriminated against while working in corporate.

🌀 I learned to stand up for myself and speak my truth, even when it made others uncomfortable!

😕 From when I was unloved and outcasted as a child by close family members.

🌀 I learned to see myself and accept the kindhearted human that I AM. The way they chose to be with me only reflected their unresolved pain

😣 From going through extreme inflammation causing all kinds of chronic illnesses for 35 years!

🌀 I learned to be my most fierce health advocate and find physical healing giving me the confidence to trust my body!

😏 From people pleasing, attracting unhealthy relationships, and making excuses for people or situations, feeling resentful and angry every time I dishonored my values for putting up with less than I deserved

🌀 I learned to befriend solitude, taking every minute to experience all emotions that arose during uncertain times—deepening my soul mapping and discovering who I AM.

Every experience and interaction showed me the broken pieces from my childhood, and now it was up to me to piece them or replace them altogether! It was my opportunity to rewrite my story!

There aren't mistakes in life, only possibilities to love and be loved and powerfully embody your wildest aims in your most authentic way when you embrace the little girl in you!

Doing so can redefine your life, freedom, and inner peace from an empowering perspective by embracing your whole story - with its darkness and light!

Remember, you are worthy and whole! <3


What has been the most valuable lesson that gave you the courage to step into your superpower? Share with me; I would love to know your story!

Ready to share it with the world? Let's have a conversation in "Between Us, Undressing the Soul Podcast."

I want you to SHINE!

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