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Remember when things were tough? How did you keep GOING?

By Pushing yourself even when you didn't want to? Or,

Using your inner-mastery - a force beyond the physical, mental and emotional strength...

There is a difference! And I needed to go through some knee scratching to learn the difference!

There were challenging times when I relied on my physical resilience to get me through it to keep going.

I was focused on performance and results!

But that is not mastery! I thought it was, though...

Especially when it came to my health!

Have you ever felt that you try and try and try and feel defeated, frustrated, and disappointed when you don't see results?!...

"Outcomes are used for feedback or guidance - Not as a measure of self-worth or results." Core Leadership Dynamics

  • You read endlessly and still feel stuck.

  • You meditate and still feel anxious.

  • You do have friends and gatherings and still feel lonely and lost.

  • You exercise tirelessly and still feel broken inside.

But nothing has worked because you believe the answers are outside of you.

By scratching my knees when I'd fallen, I learned that we couldn't attain personal, professional, and spiritual growth by just doing what we like. Tip-toying through life so we don't disturb those parts of us we feel uncomfortable with and wouldn't want the world to see.

That is not growth! 💥 Nope! It might work for a little while, but it is not sustainable! Because the REAL freedom and peace lie underneath the veils, we are hesitant to lift!

So HOW do we tap into our boundless creative being and experience flow to experience healing and the most loving self-acceptance?

Stop the DOing and instead shift to BEing, surrendering to align with your body's natural organic rhythms and trusting our own ability to heal.

That's what I did three months ago when inflammation was rampant running throughout my body, thinking I was overweight, and my husband and I began a journey that shifted our lives 360º

It empowered me to listen to my body and make conscious choices.

Your peace and freedom begin when you stop ignoring your shadows and embrace them with curiosity instead.

That's how you master inner strength and evolve into a compassionate, kind, and whole human.

  • It requires boldness and honesty with oneself. And a high dose of self-love and kindness.

  • It is facing the judger in you.

  • The insecurities that filled your mind and stopped you from stepping into your light.

There lies the key 🔑 to your peace.

The moment you've stopped looking outward because you have realized you are whole.

The magic is in the inner-work. 🌟

Growth and transformation are for those that are tired of pretending.

It takes courage and vulnerability because you are going inward to meet your reflection.

Yes! The one you've avoided all of your life.

It is time to LEAP!

If you feel it is time to take a leap and uncover more of your magic!

This Spring, I am launching the Soul Alignment, The Alchemy Activation.

An exclusive eight-week Intensive group masterclass that invites deep introspection. Activating the release of your fear-based story by identifying your karmic contracts. So you can recognize what has held you back, empowering you to make conscious choices to break through the veils that cover the extraordinary being within you​!

It helps you attune with your body in perfect synchronicity...

p/s If you are interested and have been feeling deeper calling to explore and release your blocks to gain clarity and inner confidence, I will open the calendar next week for virtual coffee, no obligation at all, just you and I having a chat so I can learn where you are in your journey and if this path is right for you :)

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