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Years Ago, The Healing Began Here!

Gracias gracias gracias Costa Rica 🇨🇷 por ser la cuna de un viaje mágico!

Como siempre! ♾️🌀♥️

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Costa Rica, for being the cradle for a magical journey!

As always! ✨🤲

I surprised my parents with a visit while they spent some time in their Costa Rica home.

Walk with my mom with a stunning mountain backdrop

I enjoyed my uncle Mario Valenciano's culinary gift, storytelling, and good wine!

I visited my last great uncle, still alive, while also honoring the ones that left us!

I hiked with my mom on her first trek in Costa Rica under the rain and enjoyed the vastness of Mother Nature from above the trees along with my aunts!

I had the opportunity to honor my lineage through my aunts, the ones I met for the first time, healing a gap that existed for decades and celebrating a ceremony submerged in the hot springs.

My maternal grandmother Dulce and grandfather Olman are now celebrating in heaven.

I met our new lilo generation while I honored the wise sages responsible for me being here walking this earth!

The more I deepened into my inner self-journey and removed the veils that covered my essence, the more it revealed the need to connect to my parent's stories and my ancestors.

There lies the essence of my being and the opportunity to continue to rewrite my story from a place of love and reverence to the collective wisdom I inherited from them!

In this land and with each of my relatives lies the clues to my truth ♾️

To see them all in their humanness so I can understand my own story!

What a way to celebrate this pilgrimage that has taken half a century of challenging beliefs, learning through tribulations, and rejoicing in love and acceptance as I enter the year I will celebrate and welcome my 50th year!

The trip wasn't planned. It was just an idea that turned into a vision, manifested as a "spontaneous" trip that evolved to perfection, where my ancestors guided us with a magic wand, and I sealed it with an unplanned first tattoo, where my mom was the one next to me!

Connecting the dots of an invisible web that embraced us all to meet, hug, and feel each other hearts!

It is the month my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary

The year I will turn 50 years too

And I was present for the first time to honor the 5th year of my beloved uncle Melvis Valenciano's passing.

555 represents transition, freedom, and adventure! It sure feels it is a time of renewal and transcendence where many ancestral knots were released and healed!

I AM Free and feel deep within a profound peace ☮️🌀🙏

Embraced by my motherland, in my mother tongue, and although I was not born in its soil, my roots remain grounded deep within its volcanic soil and rocks, where I always refuel my soul and welcome other brave women to activate the alchemy of magical healing journeys for themselves…

Costa Rica is my home ☯️

Thank you to my husband, Juan Carlos, for always holding space for me to do this extraordinary work of love. I love you!

For every woman who doubts herself and doesn't know where to begin in her journey to self-discovery, know it is possible to live a life you are proud of where you honor the truest version of yourself with freedom, love, and acceptance!

July is my next retreat in this magical country

Applications are now open! Space is limited! ☺️


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