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An Inward Journey

Awakening the Goddess Within
To Break Free from Ancestral Karmic Chains and 
Unleash your God-Given-Gifts


The program is six months of one-on-one coaching and spiritual teachings based on energy healing, activating the feminine rebirth to unveil an enhanced inner light.


An Inward Journey™ is a path that removes the layers through deep inner work that contributes to constant and palpable personal and spiritual growth. Every step we take together will take you closer to your essence.


Who is it for?


If You Feel...

You have been the people pleaser, the caretaker, the yes person, forgetting to embody and communicate what you genuinely want to say or do in YOUR life. Also...

  • Feel unclear about your vision.

  • Feel the yearning to release karmic contracts

  • You have lost your self-love and self-worth or desire to amplify it

  • You have gone through an abusive relationship, divorce, or feel you have given everything to the world and forgot about yourself, losing the inner peace, confidence, and clarity needed for decision making.

You want to do the inner work to also release the Karmic Chains for your Daughters so they can be FREE too!​​​​


The program includes: 

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Weekly One-on-One Coaching


Activation Sessions

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Energy Self-Assessment


Sujok Therapy & Activations


Mindset Reset STEER Series


Distant Reiki Sessions

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