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An Inward Journey

Removing the Layers Covering Your Essence 
The pathway to awakening the goddess within, Breaking free from ancestral karmic old agreements and 
unleashing your God-Given-Gifts

We invite flow, grace, and clarity into our lives when we surrender. We then begin to powerfully manifest and co-create our life with purpose and intention

The program is six months of one-on-one coaching and spiritual teachings based on energy healing, activating the feminine rebirth to unveil an enhanced inner light.


An Inward Journey™ is a path that removes the layers through deep inner work that contributes to constant and palpable personal and spiritual growth. Every step we take together will take you closer to your essence.


Who is it for?

You have been the people pleaser, the caretaker, the yes person, forgetting to embody and communicate what you genuinely want to say or do in YOUR life. Also...

  • Feel unclear about where you are going.

  • Feel the yearning to release karmic agreements that are not yours to carry or own

  • You have lost your self-love and self-worth 

  • You have gone through an abusive relationship, divorce, or feel you have given everything to the world and forgot about yourself,

  • You have lost the inner peace, confidence, and clarity needed for decision-making.

  • You feel this is the time for a profound transformation

And you are ready to do the shadow work needed to release your lineage Old Karmic Chains for you and your daughters so they can be FREE too!​​​​

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To remove my self-protecting shields and put down the swords meant to disrobe my soul and give light to my shadows so I could see my spirit.

Dayanna Valenciano-Luna

Transform and access your magic when you connect to higher levels of energy 

This is a profound journey where your commitment is required. 


This is for the brave who desire to climb the "Mount Everest" of the subconscious mind and ignite the catalysts for powerful transformation and synchronicities, inviting you to embrace your light and your shadow in wholeness...


Ready to shatter the illusions and see YOURSELF for whom you were meant to BE? Then I will serve as your guide and teacher to walk this path together...


What is Included?


  • 24 Weekly One-on-One Coaching Sessions A journey towards Oneness and Transcendence

  • ELI Assessment (Energy Leadership Index Assessment)

  • 6 Reiki Energy Healing Sessions Activations.

  • The Wheel of Life Alignment Spiritual Practices

  • Eight Goddess Rituals Collection & Meditations

  • 9 Responsibilities Study by Taveta Grant

  • Dreams Workshop Workbooks - Lucid Dreams (One Day)

  • Workbook



Payment plans are available

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"Dayanna has an ethereal gift to open new ground for others to explore along their journey..."

— Loren Raechelle, Life Coach

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“Dayanna has truly helped me transform my life in ways I can't put into words and continues to guide me spiritually! I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST COACH”

— Mariah William, 



Letting go and forgiving yourself doesn't happen overnight. 
It takes a conscious decision to know yourself, open each #Lid you've closed, and release the judgment—hiding the desire to be loved, accepted, and seen.

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